NUEVA Didáctica de la lengua china 2 (Textbook + Workbook)
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  • New Didactics of the Chinese for Spanish Speakers by the distinguished educator Professor Li Ai, is the newest and most effective manual for learning Chinese.

    As a renowned and experienced educator from the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Professor Li Ai is well acquainted with the language and cultures of Spain and Latin America, which allows her to present this important work as a new milestone in the global educational process.

    The great success of this latest manual is also due, unlike other similar ones, to the collaboration with a group of high-level Spanish-speaking linguists and sinologists, who understand and present the needs of Spanish-speaking users.

    This manual creates a new and more systematic paradigm in the education of the language of the Millennial Civilization of China, and is applicable both in university classrooms and for the self-taught.

    New Didactics surprise you that Chinese will no longer be as difficult as you might think.

    • New Didactics follows the guidelines and teaching bases of the Chinese HSK Program, opening a direct path to success for students who need to apply to the official program authorized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.

    • The new manual is a systematic collection of linguistic and cultural knowledge, as well as current and historical issues. It succeeds in producing a fraternal embrace with the nationalities of China and its people.

    • The design with its explanations bilingual, in Chinese and Spanish, helps students to understand easily.

    • New Didactics has designed an unprecedented comparative method exclusively for the Spanish-speaking learner, which emphasizes the differences and similarities between languages and their cultures by comparing them with each other.

    • Another new method is interactive, which changes the unidirectional model of teaching and gives attention to the student's needs, making teaching and learning shared in unison.

    • New Didactic teaches in an interesting way the four tones that characterize the Chinese language with beautiful oriental musical melodies.

    • The didactic text teaches in a professional way the beauty of writing Chinese characters, a unique calligraphic art in the world.

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