Erya Chinese - Intermediate Chinese: Comprehensive Course Ⅰ
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    Erya Chinese is a series of study materials for foreign undergraduates majoring in Chinese. Written by teachers in the College of Chinese Studies of BLCU, this series has been included in the “list of key national publication programs during the 12th five-year”. The Intermediate Chinese: Comprehensive Course is the book for the comprehensive course during the second year of college for Chinese majors. This is the first of its two volumes.

    1. Structure and layout: There are 12 lessons in this volume, each composed of pre-class tips, classroom study, classroom exercises and post-class exercises, among which the pre-class tips are warm-up exercises, the classroom study includes the new words, text and language points, the classroom exercises consist of various exercises, activities and an extensive reading material, and the post-class exercises are provided in loose-leaf sheets for convenience purposes. An MP3 CD is included in the book, providing recordings of the texts and the new words.

    2. Features of compilation: The book is practical and student-centered; it follows the elementary comprehensive course, observing the principles of increasing difficulty and step-by-step progress; the various kinds of exercises pay attention to the communicativeness in classroom education.

    3. Target users: It is suitable for students who have learned Chinese for one year (800 class hours) and have mastered about 2,500 Chinese words.

    4. Suggestions: Intermediate Chinese: Comprehensive Course (I) can be used in the first semester of the second year in college. It is suggested that each of its 12 lessons take 6-7 class hours. The loose-leaf worksheets can be used in class as supplementary exercises or after class as homework.

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