Erya Chinese: Elementary Chinese: Writing Course
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    Erya Chinese—Elementary Chinese: Writing Course is a textbook for learners at the elementary level and for international students who have entered the intermediate level but have not studied Chinese writing. The style of this book includes four parts: writing topics, writing knowledge, writing examples and writing training.

    This book mainly focuses on narrative essays and does not explain much about writing knowledge and theory, but only introduces the most basic writing knowledge; the writing examples are mostly chosen from students' essays to avoid spending too much time explaining vocabulary in the classroom and to facilitate students' self-study; the writing training exercises are set from the actual writing of students and are more targeted; the error correction exercises are all from common mistakes in students' essays on the same topic; the appendix has a number of spare scripts The appendix has some spare scripts for students to keep their own work for a long time, and students can write or paste their own work on them. This book is both an introductory textbook for beginning Chinese writers and a practice book that focuses on writing practice.
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