Erya Chinese - Elementary Chinese: Comprehensive Course Ⅱ vol.1
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    Erya Chinese—Elementary Chinese: Comprehensive Course is a comprehensive course book for international Chinese majors in their first year of college. The book is divided into two volumesⅠ and Ⅱ, each further divided into two sub-volumes 1 and 2. This is the first book of the second volume, belonging to the stage of vocabulary and short passages, designed for the second semester of the first year of college. There are a total of 9 lessons in the book, each comprising several sections such as “Learning tips”, “Warm-up”, “Classroom learning”, “Practice” and “Summary”. Every three lessons make up a unit, with a set of unit exercises provided. The book comes with worksheets, unit tests and mid-term and final tests. It includes an MP3 CD and is supported by teaching resources such as key to the exercises, teaching plans and courseware materials. Observing the BLCU traditions regarding the compilation of comprehensive textbooks, the book centers around syntactic structures while at the same time paying attention to communicative functions and culture. Communicativeness has been taken into consideration in the introduction and practice of grammar, writing of texts and design of exercises. With the situations being as genuine as possible and the function and culture being integrated, the book strives to achieve a coordination of structure, function and culture.
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