Erya Chinese - Communication: Task-Based Intermediate Spoken Chinese (Ⅰ)
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    Erya Chinese is a BLCU series of textbooks for college students majoring in the Chinese language. Communication is a subseries of Erya Chinese, focusing on listening and speaking. Targeted at the speaking course for sophomores, it breaks through the traditional mode of textbook compilation, with the task-based teaching concept observed throughout the books and the design of the books complying with the steps of teaching. It is characterized by practical content, abundant activities, excellent texts and pictures and a combination of watching, listening and speaking.

    This is Book 1 of Communication, including 9 units, namely “Greetings”, “Cooking Methods”, “Housing”, “Clothing”, “Transportation”, “Shopping”, “Studying in China”, “Following Local Customs” and “The Movie The Gua Sha Treatment”. The main body of each unit is made up of two smaller topics and a visual-audio-oral section.

    All the new words in the book are provided with English translations, every task is supported by full-color pictures, and the design of the book caters to individual needs. An MP3 CD is included in the book for free.

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