Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Intermediate Speaking Course II
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    Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Intermediate Speaking Course II is suitable for Chinese learners who already have an intermediate level of Chinese, have an introductory level of intermediate spoken Chinese, and have mastered basic Chinese grammar and roughly 2000-2500 common words. There are 15 lessons in this book, and it is recommended that each lesson be completed in 4 hours. The book builds a speaking training platform for learners with practical text selection, content, exercises, and style. In the process of writing, efforts have been made to highlight: the breadth and topicality of the text selection, the scientific and practical nature of the arrangement, and the communicative and task-oriented nature of the exercises. The core goal is to improve Chinese learners' oral expression ability in all aspects, especially the comprehensive oral expression ability based on daily conversations and discourse segments.
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