Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Intermediate Comprehensive Course Ⅰ
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    This booklet is a bridging textbook for "Developing Chinese? It is suitable for learners who have mastered basic Chinese grammar, have learned 2000-2500 common words, have basic Chinese communication skills, and can communicate and exchange with others on familiar topics related to their personal or common situations. After learning this booklet, learners will master a certain number of words, language points and functional statements that they should know at the intermediate level; be able to understand language materials related to social life, be able to make basic paragraph expressions, and be able to organize simple chapters; further enrich their knowledge of Chinese, and comprehensively improve their comprehensive language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese and decent language communication skills; master general learning strategies, communicative strategies, and The book will also help you to master general learning strategies, communication strategies and resource strategies, to understand basic Chinese cultural knowledge, to have basic cross-cultural awareness and international perspective, and to further enhance your motivation and ability to learn Chinese independently.

      The book comes with an MP3 recording of the vocabulary and text of each lesson.

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