Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Elementary Speaking Course Ⅱ
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    Elementary Speaking Course II is suitable for learners who have already mastered the most basic sentence patterns in Chinese, grasped 1,000-2,000 most common Chinese words and acquired the most fundamental Chinese communication skills which are closely related to oneself and one’s everyday life.

    This book highlights practical content, scientific arrangement and workable exercises. Through the learning of this book, students can: (1) make self-introduction in fluent Chinese, express common wishes and introduce the basic information of others; (2) master and make good use of the functional items and oral expressions related to elementary oral communication; (3) acquire preliminary oral Chinese communicative strategies and skills and gradually put what they’ve learned in class into their daily life; (4) use Chinese to solve the problems in their study and life and talk with others about familiar topics.

    There are altogether 23 lessons in this book, each of which is to be finished in four class hours.

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