Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Advanced Writing Course Ⅰ
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    It is suitable for learners who have studied Developmental Chinese (Second Edition) Intermediate Writing (II) or a textbook equivalent to this level, have accumulated about 3000-3500 Chinese vocabulary, and are familiar with common written expressions. There are 12 lessons in total, and each lesson takes 2~4 hours to complete. The book focuses on current social hot topics and topics closely related to students, and through the discussion and study of writing models, students are gradually guided to master the main points of writing knowledge and improve their writing skills. The model essays are interesting, practical and imitable, and the exercises are closely focused on the main points of writing, and are arranged from the shallow to the deep. Through the use of this textbook, learners can continuously increase their desire to write in Chinese. The teaching sessions are clearly marked throughout the book, which is also very convenient for teachers to teach.
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