Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Advanced Speaking Course Ⅱ
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    Developing Chinese (Second Edition) Advanced Spoken Chinese (II) is suitable for learners of Chinese who have an initial intermediate to advanced level of Chinese, have mastered general Chinese grammar and expressions, and have a basic grasp of 3500-4000 vocabulary. There are 15 lessons in this book, and it is recommended that each lesson be completed in 4 hours. The content focuses on being contemporary, interesting and extensive; the text focuses on being exemplary, diverse and reproducible; the activities focus on being achievement-oriented, task-oriented and flexible. Through the study of this book, we strive to enable learners to converse and communicate fluently and comfortably on a wide range of topics in social life in a variety of settings, and to express their opinions and ideas systematically and fully, naturally and appropriately.
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