Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Advanced Reading Course Ⅰ
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    It is suitable for Chinese learners who have a quasi-advanced or advanced level of Chinese and have a general grasp of 3500-4000 common vocabulary.

      The book contains 15 lessons, of which lessons 8 and 15 are review lessons with 7 articles each and the rest 5 articles each. The book develops the concept of the first edition and emphasizes respecting learners' reading habits in real language life. Each lesson is designed to train learners' reading skills in four reading styles: close reading, general reading, skimming, and searching. The selected texts come from recent and vivid corpus in newspapers, books and the Internet, and the content is current and practical, with a variety of exercises. After studying this book, learners will be able to quickly improve their reading skills in the written Chinese language and language style, and at the same time experience and understand the vivid and real contemporary China.

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