Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Advanced Comprehensive Course Ⅰ
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    This booklet is "Advanced Comprehensive (I)", which is a bridging text for the advancement of "Developing Chinese Intermediate Comprehensive (II)". It is suitable for students who have studied Developmental Chinese? (II) or a textbook at this level, have mastered junior high level Chinese grammar, have learned 3500-4000 common words, can understand general language materials related to social life, can communicate with others on common topics, and can make general narrative, explanatory and argumentative expressions. The textbook highlights the diversity of text styles and language domains, emphasizes the cultural perspective of the selected texts and the cultural connotations of the texts, focuses on the learning of written words and expressions, and is designed to be user-friendly and to serve the purpose of teaching, so as to improve the comprehensive Chinese communicative ability of advanced learners in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
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